SABER is an espionage and law-enforcement agency in the Marvel Comics Universe. Created by Lyle McGee and Kirk “The Derby” Jackson in Heroic Age #100 (Aug. 1955), the organization has had several “Reboots” over the year but for the most part the organisation deals with superhuman issues. Both incarceration and maintaining the massive amount of support to keep the public safe from and help with any individual with super powers.

SABER was part of WW2’s OSI, its early part didn’t have a name but was responsible for trading the Union Colors Characters.

Founded by super-spy Quinton Quarterson, originally stated it was created to gather the best and most soldiers of the War, the Union Colors Characters, to fight the threat of the Soviets. For much of the remaining Gold Age, Silver Age, and Bronze Age, that was the primary role of SABER.

In the late Eighties with the disillusion many American’s began to feel about the Country and the Government SABER began to be seen as a villainous organization. War Hawks hoping for the war that finally prove they were right.

This ended in the classic Story “The TWO Day War” arc of Children of Liberty. Where it was reveled that Quarterson had manipulated both NATO and the Soviets into a confrontation that nearly resulted in Thermo-Nuclear War.

It was later revealed, that the real Quarterson was killed in his fateful encounter into Moscow to rescue the captured paragon Liberty. Replaced by an Alien double. The explanation was both to soothe fan reaction to the turn coat nature of a beloved old character of “The Derby” Jackson, and to explain the characters seemingly unnatural age.

Following these events SABER was put under new management of an aged, fan favorite, Elizabeth “Iron Izzie” Rosette. Who rebuilt the organization pretty much from the ground up. She also spearheaded the creation of the International Lunar Station for the defense of the planet for ET.

S.A.B.E.R.’s old role

S.A.B.E.R.’s role for Modern Heroes

S.A.B.E.R. operates much like any alphabet agency managing employment while advocating and protecting the rights of any minority. S.A.B.E.R.’s main role is to make sure everyone, mundane and super are safe from one another.

S.A.B.E.R. also works to get closeted supers a workible ID that protects both them and their families. Of course there is some nature of revealing themselves to S.A.B.E.R. This is something that creates some friction between Heroes that don’t want to reveal who they are.

S.A.B.E.R. does also provided a network of support not only in legal sphere but also in scientific and financial. While you likely won’t become rich, often it helps many heroes supplement their income to something passible to something that has a standard of Living.

S.A.B.E.R. often manages heroes by putting them into teams, as it is often easier to manage Heroes’ by team rather than individuals. This team is often reassigned together to a new town, city, or location to protect S.A.B.E.R. and governmental assets.

S.A.B.E.R.’s assigns an actual agent, often low rank, to manage and liaison between the team and S.A.B.E.R. While the agent has independent work they often work closely with the super team.


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